【Fashion】Isn’t it true that individuals with attractive eyes are typically not considered ugly?

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Have you observed that when your colleagues and friends who get along well every day put on masks, do they look more impressive? Do you share my thoughts and feelings? It is claimed that the top half of a person’s face defines how attractive they appear, while the lower half determines how unattractive they appear. 


When you wear a mask, why does your face value improve? That is because the mask is expected to cover 70-80% of the face. Therefore, people generally focus their eyes on the top half of the other person’s face and utilise a pair of eyebrows which is the portion of the face that carries the primary recognizability outside the mask—when they encounter a face wearing a mask. 

(Look only eyes are charming, look whole is… Source: Bored Panda)


For Asians, wearing a mask to improve their look is extremely beneficial. Why? Because Asians are easier achieve in eyebrows part, but beautiful noses, teeth, and jaws are a rarity compared to ang moh lang. The lower half of most people’s faces, such as masseter hypertrophy and a broad nose, need to be altered. It’s a lot simpler to just walk out with eye makeup when you’re wearing a mask.

(Asian Eyes. Source:Dreamstime.com)


Besides for females, not only are uneven teeth, slightly convex cheekbones, and skin among the reasons why they remove their masks and become “ugly” than with masks. This is because if they haven’t put on lipstick and their lips have no colour at all, their complexion will be drastically different.

Lastly, Masks are, in my opinion, the finest “facelift artefact” in 2021! However, it is optimistic that the coronavirus will be defeated in the new year. I wish everyone can remove their masks and breathe freely. I’ll also be able to witness the day when genuinely beautiful and handsome people may be seen by us yaa.

(Wearing mask is the best choice! Source:Dreamstime.com)


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