Things to do during MCO 3.0 in 2021

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Here we go again! Tired of going though your old routine of last MCO? Here is a fresh list of things to do during MCO 3.0 while being cooped up in your house.

1. Grow your own herb garden

Herb garden with a variety of different herbs in a pot.

You can start by tending to your own edible herb garden. Start out by getting some starter pots in your local grocery store. Who needs to continuously purchase expensive spices when you can grow and pluck them fresh yourself? This is a great hobby for those who love to cook and do not want to have something too time consuming. 

2. Make some cloud bread

Cross section of a cloud bread in a basket

Looking at trending things to do during MCO? This innovative staple recipe will have people produce the fluffiest bread ever made with unconventional items such as egg whites, sugar and cornstarch. This option is low carb, gluten free and it only takes half an hour to make. Try it at home with this recipe.

3. Play a puzzle game with friends online

A screenshot of a cooperative puzzle game

It is difficult to meet up with your friends and loved ones during this period. So, why not enjoy some quality time combining some puzzles online? This co-op game features many different puzzles with varying levels of difficulty. It is completely free and you do not have to go through any installation. If nobody is free or you feel like playing on your own? Not an issue, the game also supports one player and collaborative mode where other online players join you to create the puzzle. 

4. Upskill yourself with free online courses 

workdesk with a laptop, coffee mug, notepad, pen and phone

The world is no longer a stranger to lockdowns. Therefore, there are many online courses where you can get an online certificate for free. Websites like LinkedIn Learning provide a 1 month free trial which is enough for you to be getting a few certifications. Udemy is mainly a paid service but there are some free courses featured online too. Nowadays, ivy league colleges are also giving out free courses. However, you may have to pay to officially certify the course.

5. Chill out and play some mindless games on your phone

Egg Inc. - Finally An Eggcellent Game That Doesn't Yolk Around

Tired of being productive and want to wind down? Just relax and play some games that require little to no brain power. Nothing is more relaxing than letting your mind flow while watching the progress happening in your game. There are many idle tap games on the market. Maybe you would like to start an egg farm with Egg Inc where you would tap or hold the button to increase the chickens in your farm and sell it to start a better farm.

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