2022 Retro Desktop Notebook Calendar

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Ten years ago, at this time from the beginning of the year to the end of the year, there were three things that most troubled the designers of advertising companies: annual plans, drafts, and calendars.

At that time, almost every company I served had to make a New Year’s calendar by the end of the year. For the designer, this means making at least 14 pictures-front cover, back cover, plus December. The cover is often a family portrait of the company’s products, followed by a product photo or product main screen every month for 12 months.

Of course, it’s okay to make pictures, but it’s a tedious task to typeset 12-month dates, weeks, including lunar calendars and holidays, and align every day without errors. And this is still a monthly calendar, if it’s a weekly calendar, a calendar…

If we start purely from the function of the calendar, consumers actually don’t need a calendar. So why are consumers paying? Is content. no doubt.

Consumers don’t want free advertising, but they are willing to buy paid content. This is the value of content.


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