2D1N Sunway Pyramid Tower+Sunway Lagoon at ONLY RM149!

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Sunway Pyramid Tower and Sunway Lagoon are now just RM149! Sunway Lagoon all-day amusement park ticket + two days and one night’s lodging at only RM149!!

✅Order now for limited DEALS Sunway Lagoon+Pyramid Tower 2D1N:  https://invol.co/cl73fmf

Stay in Sunway Pyramid Tower for one night, free breakfast, with Sunway Lagoon tickets too!

Remember to redeem the RM100 discount voucher before ordering the package at Shopee!

✅Purchase the Sunway Pyramid Tower 2D1N+Sunway Lagoon ticket: https://invol.co/cl73fmf

✅Redeem RM100 Discount Voucher: https://invol.co/cl73frj


The ticket included 👇

❤️Sunway Pyramid Tower 1 Night accomodation

❤️Sunway Lagoon theme park entrance ticket

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