99 Speed Mart Chinese New Year Drinks Offer | Jan 19th to Feb 10th

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The Lunar New Year is around the corner. Have you prepared beverages to welcome your guests? 99 Speed Mart is offering limited-time promotional discounts from Jan 19th to Feb 10th. Hurry to your nearest Speed 99 Mart and stock up!

Speed Mart 99 100plus 24 Cans

Check the price:【100 Plus 24 Cans x 325ml

Speed Mart 99 Shandy 24 Cans

Check the price:【Anglia Shandy 24 Cans x 320ml

Speed Mart 99 Yeos

Check the price:【Yeo’s packet drinks 250ml x 24s

Speed Mart 99 Drinho

Check the price:【Drinho Packet Drinks

Speed Mart 99 Fanta Drinks

Check the price:【Fanta Drinks 1.25 Litres

Check the price:【Minute Maid Plus

Speed Mart 99 Sprite/A&W/Coca-cola Zero

Check the price:【Coca-cola/Sprite/A&W/Sarsaparilla/Coca-cola Zero

Speed Mart 99 Coca-cola

Check the price:【Coca-cola 1.5 Litres

Speed Mart 99 Ribena Packet Drinks

Check the price:【Ribena Packet Drinks

Speed Mart 99 F&N Seasons

Check the price:【F&N Seasons

Speed Mart 99 100 plus 1.5 Litres

Check the price:【100 Plus 1.5 Litres

Speed Mart 99 Kickapoo/Pepsi/7-up

Check the price:【Kickapoo/Pepsi/7-up

Speed Mart 99 Coca-cola 24 Cans

Check the price:【Coca-cola 24cans x 320ml

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