Coffee Bean Tea Leaf Salted Caramel beverage for only RM12!

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To celebrate the Chinese New Year, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf is giving you a deal on their Salted Caramel beverage. As long as you pay for it with your TCB card, it costs only RM12.

So hurry up, don’t miss out on this tasty treat.

If you want to get it today, go to your nearest CB&TL store and activate it with at least RM25.

If you use your TCB Card to pay, you can try a Salted Caramel Beverage of your choice for only RM12. You can do this from January 11 to January 16, 2022.

Only from January 11 to January 16, 2022, can you get a TCB Card for free.


* This promotion is only fine for one (1) cup of our new drink: Salted Caramel Oat Milk Ice Blended® Drink. Salt Caramel Oat Milk Gibraltar Latte (hot) or Salt Caramel Oat Milk Gibraltar Latte (iced) are two options.

Only in-store at any of our stores across Peninsular Malaysia. *

Not for online TCB Card top-up.

If you pay with your TCB Card, you can get the discount.

It can’t be combined with any other promotions or discounts.

All of the products we offer are subject to availability, as long as we have them.

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