Eat chee cheong fun like in Hong Kong!

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There are many stalls selling chee cheong fun in Penang. In addition to being loved by locals, people from other states will definitely eat here too!

Here are some of your most famous chee cheong fun restaurants in Penang!

1. 邮政局猪肠粉
– Lebuhraya Jelutong

2. 小蓬莱猪肠粉
– Seow Fong Lye Cafe


3. 甄富猪肠粉
– Lebuh Kimberley


4. 宝宝茶室猪肠粉
– Lengkok Nipah


5. 老王猪肠粉
– Jalan Terrenganu

6. 软软猪肠粉
– Genting Cafe

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