Recent Global Outage: What Happened to Facebook and Instagram?

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On Tuesday, March 5, people all over the world faced a problem: Facebook and Instagram were unable to log in. The trouble started around 11:30 PM, leaving hundreds of thousands of users unable to log in. Over 300,000 people reported Facebook outages, and 40,000 reported Instagram issues on

Meta, the company behind Facebook and Instagram, acknowledged the issue. They said they were working to fix it. But the outage didn’t stop at Facebook and Instagram—it also affected other Meta platforms like WhatsApp and Threads. Even Meta’s own employees had trouble logging into their work systems, sparking worries about job cuts.

The outage became a big topic on social media. Elon Musk, who owns another platform called X, even joked about it. He said if people could see his post, it meant X’s servers were working fine—a little dig at Meta’s troubles.

This outage reminds us how much we rely on these platforms for communication and work. It’s a reminder to have backup plans for when things go wrong online. While Facebook and Instagram are important, they’re just part of a bigger digital world—one that can have problems from time to time.

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