Malaysia temples that end your single status!e

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#2021 is almost over, if you are still #single, it’s time to consider going to these #temples to #worship 🤣🤣
✅Thean Hou Temple Malaysia 雪隆海南会馆乐圣岭天后宫
✅Seven Fairies Temple Setapak 七宫仙女庙
✅Sak Dato Temple 金山拿督公庙
✅Si Hai Long Wang Temple 福德坛四海龙王大伯公庙
✅ULUCHOH 乌鲁槽天灵殿
✅Oh Ker Liam Temple 武吉甘蜜乌髻观音正老庙
✅Seng Hong Beow Temple 七条路城隍庙
✅Thean Kong Thnuan Chinese Temple 北海天公坛
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