NEW Keeppley Kuppy Pokémon Collectibles at FamilyMart!

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🚨Attention Pokémon collectors!🤩✨ FamilyMart announces the arrival of the latest must-have Pokémon collectibles— the Keeppley Kuppy figures. Whether you’re a long-time fan or new to the world of Pokémon, these delightful figures are perfect for adding a touch of magic to your collection.

Meet the Characters

XL Bulbasaur Plushie [click here]

The new collection features six beloved Pokémon characters:

  • Pikachu: The iconic electric-type Pokémon and mascot of the franchise, Pikachu is ready to spark joy in any collection.
  • Jigglypuff: Known for its adorable singing, Jigglypuff will bring a melodic charm to your shelf.
  • Snorlax: The lovable, sleepy giant that’s always a fan-favorite.
  • Togepi: This cute, egg-like Pokémon symbolizes happiness and new beginnings.
  • Piplup: The adorable water-type starter from the Sinnoh region.
  • Gengar: The mischievous ghost-type Pokémon, perfect for adding a spooky element to your collection.

Where to Find Them

You can get your hands on these fantastic figures exclusively at FamilyMart. Hurry, though—these collectibles are available only while stocks last, so don’t miss your chance to catch ’em all!

XL Snorlax Plushie: [click here]


Please note that the availability of these items is subject to in-store stock. Be sure to visit your nearest FamilyMart to check out the collection and secure your favorites before they’re gone.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re looking to expand your current collection or start a new one, the Keeppley Kuppy Pokémon figures are a perfect choice. These figures are not only fun to build but also serve as a delightful reminder of the adventures we’ve all shared with our favorite Pokémon over the years.

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