Pahang Forestry Department Chopped 15,000 Trees, Farmers Discontented

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On the 3rd of July, the Pahang State Forestry Department (JPNP) carried out Ops Pamah. This operation was to clear 15,000 illegal musang king trees that were planted in that area. A 100 staff was deployed in order to carry out the chopping of durian trees. This operation was supposed to take a month, but it was completed in the span of 9 days. Forestry Department assistant director Nor Azirim Ahmad stated that 20,000 forest tree saplings will be replanted in stages, some of which will be Meranti Temak Nipis species. 

However The Musang King Alliance (SAMKA), a group of small-scale durian farmers are disputing with the JPNP. SAMKA is stating that the government department has been cruel, heartless and unjustifiable as they destroyed the livelihood of the farmers and the surrounding nature. Wilson Chang, SAMKA’s President stated that they will take legal action against this as they have violated a stay order which protects the farmer’s livelihood. This prevents the enforcement of durian farms within the lands in question. Wilson Chang has also stated that the farmers have been nurturing and growing those trees for 20 years across 250 acres of land. The environmental impacts and damage that occured from this operation will also be irreversible. In response to this, the government has stated that the area that was cleared was not under the court battle.

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