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Everyone has their own characteristics, their own strengths and weaknesses. In fact, the same is true for dogs. Different breeds of dogs also have different characteristics and strengths. Now, let us take an inventory of the top ten dogs. Do you know who are the smartest dogs and the stupidest dogs?

1. The smartest dog- Border Collie

Bian Mu is the smartest dog in the world, and its IQ is equivalent to that of a seven or eight-year-old child. It can understand most of what the master says, and do what the master tells. It can learn many things, such as holding a frisbee, calculation problems, grazing, etc. For a shepherd, it is better to have a side herd than to be an assistant.

2. The most productive dog: German Shepherd

Dogs are divided into pet dogs, watch dogs, working dogs, etc. Working dogs are the most practical dog breeds, which can help people do many things. Most working dogs can only be responsible for one or two tasks. A dog that can hunt cannot save people, and a dog that can save people cannot carry goods. The German Shepherd is different. The German Shepherd is one of the few all-round working dogs, and it can take on almost any job. It can be done very well in the nursing home and the anti-drug battle.

3. The largest dog: Great Pyrenees

The largest dog in the world is not the Tibetan Mastiff, nor the Alaskan, but the Samoyeds from abroad. Just by listening to the name of this dog, everyone can realize how big it is. Although it is not as big as a real white bear, its size is very dominant compared with other dogs. To give you an example, the golden retriever is big enough, but the golden retriever looks very small in front of it, just like a Corgi in front of the golden retriever.

4. The dog with the richest expression: Shiba Inu

Shiba Inu is called the ‘net celebrity dog’, which is not just casual talk. In the past few years, Shiba Inu exploded the Internet through an emoji package, which made a lot of people know it. In fact, Shiba Inu has many expressions, far more than that one. It can make expressions such as being cute, cute, cool, and arrogant. It is a veritable “Expression Emperor” in the dog world.

5. The most edible dog: Labrador

Lara’s personality is very good, she can be competent for work such as guide dogs, and can also be used as a pet dog to accompany everyone’s growth. This kind of dog has many advantages, of course, there are also disadvantages. Too much food is its biggest disadvantage. The appetite of a Labrador is about two to three times that of a dog of the same size. It is especially easy to get fat if you can eat it. If you raise it, you must take it for more exercise and don’t let it become too fat. It is not good for its body and health.

6. The fiercest dog to tear down the house: Husky


When it comes to tearing down a home, no dog can compare to a husky. Everyone said that given the Huskies a day’s work, it can tear down all the homes, and even the demolition team can’t compare to it. Although this sentence is a bit exaggerated, on the other hand, it does show the Husky’s ability to dismantle the house. To raise a husky at home, you really need to prepare for redecorating or moving.


7. The most possessive dog: Chihuahua

Chihuahua is the smallest small dog breed, elegant, alert, and fast. The history of Chihuahuas from Mexico to the United States until 1898 is still unclear.

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