ZUS Coffee’s Single Origin Espresso (SOE) Series

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Introducing ZUS Coffee’s New Single Origin Espresso Series

ZUS Coffee just announced the Single Origin Espresso (SOE) Series. Crafted to perfection, this collection promises to take your coffee experience to new heights of luxury and indulgence.

Explore the Single Origin Espresso selection:

SOE Americano: Experience the pure essence of coffee with our SOE Americano. It’s a classic blend of premium Single Origin Espresso and hot water, delivering a bold and satisfying coffee experience.

SOE CEO Latté: Indulge in creamy perfection with SOE CEO Latté. Made with our Single Origin Espresso and steamed milk, offering a luxurious and comforting coffee experience.

SOE CEO Coconut Latté: Escape to the tropics with SOE CEO Coconut Latté. Combining Single Origin Espresso with creamy coconut milk, it’s a refreshing and exotic twist on a classic favorite.

SOE Spanish Latté: Savor the sophistication of European coffee culture with SOE Spanish Latté. Made with Single Origin Espresso and silky steamed milk, it’s a luxurious and elegant coffee indulgence.


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What is Single Origin Espresso?

Single Origin Espresso (SOE) celebrates the unique flavors of coffee beans from a specific region or farm. Moreover, instead of blending beans from different places, SOE highlights the distinct taste and aroma of beans grown in one particular area.


Shop ZUS All Day Cup | Shop ZUS OG Instant Coffee Capsule Set

Premium Beans Grown with Care at High Altitudes

At ZUS Coffee, we’re passionate about quality. That’s why we select only the finest beans for our SOE Series. Sourced from top-notch coffee growers who cultivate their crops in high-altitude regions, our beans benefit from the cooler climate and rich soil, resulting in richer flavors.


Shop ZUS All Day Cup | Shop ZUS OG Instant Coffee Capsule Set

Only the Best, Handpicked Fruits

To ensure the utmost quality, we handpick only the ripest and freshest coffee cherries. Therefore, we meticulously select the juiciest and most vibrant ones for our SOE Series.


Shop ZUS All Day Cup | Shop ZUS OG Instant Coffee Capsule Set

Experience Luxury in Every Cup

From the high-altitude farms to your cup, ZUS Coffee is committed to providing quality in every sip of their Single Origin Espresso Series. With ZUS Coffee’s SOE Series, indulge in the essence of premium coffee craftsmanship.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to experience luxury in every cup. Visit one of ZUS Coffee outlets or download the ZUS App to try out the Single Origin Espresso Series today.

Available at 41 outlets for now:


  • Bandar Menjalara
  • Bangunan Setia 1
  • BHP Jalan Maarof
  • Binjai 8 Premium SOHO
  • Bukit Jalil
  • KL Gateway
  • Masjid Jamek (Jalan Tun Perak)
  • Menara Worldwide
  • Mid Valley Megamall
  • NU Sentral Mall
  • Pavilion Bukit Jalil
  • Plaza Damas
  • Publika Shopping Gallery
  • Quill City Mall
  • Sri Petaling
  • Suria KLCC
  • The FLO Bandar Sri Damansara
  • Tower 8, Horizon 2, Bangsar South
  • University Malaya


  • Atria Shopping Gallery
  • Jaya One Mall
  • Kota Damansara
  • Megah Rise Mall
  • PJ New Town
  • Starling Mall
  • Shah Alam Seksyen 13
  • Tropicana Gardens Mall
  • 1 Utama Shopping Centre


  • Gurney Paragon Mall
  • Macalister George Town
  • Plaza Gurney
  • Jelutong Vantage Point
  • Komtar Walk
  • Tanjung Tokong


  • Aeon Mall Tebrau City
  • Kebun Teh
  • Paradigm Mall JB
  • Sutera Mall
  • Taman Molek Johor Bahru
  • Toppen Shopping Centre
  • Mount Austin
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