A double eyelid surgery failure feeling

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The most common concern associated with plastic surgery is failure, although failure is frequently the consequence of a combination of factors. There are several failures in double eyelid surgery. The causes for failure are as follows: poor comprehension of one’s own ocular problems, inappropriate selection of hospital physicians, insufficient preoperative communication, and insufficient postoperative care…


The failure of the double eyelid is mostly shown in the shape, with the double eyelid being excessively broad or excessively thin, with left and right asymmetry, and with visible meat strips.


The first level is that the double eyelids are too wide.

According to several netizens, the previous double eyelids they created were excessively broad and the top eye sockets were depressed, giving people an unnatural appearance.

The double eyelid repair is utilised to remove adherent tissue, whereas the orbital septum is used to release deep fat to correct sunken eye sockets. Within one month of the procedure, about 90% of the edoema is gone, and the normal state is entirely restored six months later. It is advised that you avoid designing the double eyelids too broad in the future; otherwise, the space between the brows and eyes will appear too near visually, violating the three courts and five eyes norm.

(Source: soyiyuan.com)


The second level is Left and right sides are asymmetrical.

In this case, once a netizen completes twin eyelids, the breadth of the eyelids differs, with the left eye being wider and the right eye being narrower.

At the same time, the kind of double eyelid varies. The right eye is folded externally (often referred to as the outer double), while the left eye is folded internally. This double eyelid gives the eyes the appearance of being enormous and tiny, as well as asymmetrical.

(Source: Weibo)


The third level is eye sockets that have sunk.

The prior surgery removed too much fat, resulting in a sunken upper eye socket, which makes the eyes appear older and causes the double eyelids to expand, making regular depth double eyelids impossible to create.

(Source: y.soyoung.com)


The fourth level of Eyelashes emerged.

At this level, who had a double eyelid incision. Before the procedure, the double eyelid is asymmetrical, too broad and too deep, causing the eyelashes to protrude, making it difficult to open the eyes.

(Source: bilibili.com)


The fifth level of Eyelashes emerged.

The strips are visible.

Before, there was a lovely lady with an open double eyelid. After the procedure, the double eyelid was asymmetric, the breadth was varied, the meat strips were visible, and the eyelashes protruded. The eyes cannot be opened wide enough to be normal, and they are not as soft, natural, or lively.

(Source:Entertaiment News.com)

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