Beware: Double Check Your Astrazeneca Vaccine

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Medical personnel assisting in the AstraZeneca vaccination efforts have been given a directive to show the syringe filled with the vaccination in it. This is due to some complaints and dissatisfaction from netizens that have pointed out that an incorrect dosage has been drawn, leading to underdosing in the AstraZeneca voluntary programme. As a result, the efficacy of the vaccination will be greatly reduced.

The Covid-19 Immunisation Task Force (CITF)  is currently investigating the matter. However, the extent of the issue is yet to be determined. It also has been reported that a top up shot has been given to a few netizens after lodging a complaint. Therefore, it is imperative to check the amount of dosage given before the vaccination. It is also advisable that you check the empty syringe after the vaccination as a precaution. The correct volume for the AstraZeneca vaccination should be 0.5ml. Other than that, Pfizer-BioNTech requires 0.3ml and Sinovac with 0.5ml respectively. 

Furthermore, you do not need to have any sort of PDRM letter or additional documents if you are crossing districts to meet your vaccination appointment. You will only need to show proof of your appointment in an SMS or in the MySejahtera App only. Still confused about what you can or can’t do during this MCO? Click here to read more about the latest MCO 3.0 SOP here

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