Borders open to vaccinated public in Australia! The emerald city Sydney!

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Australia is as diverse as it is large; it is home to flourishing cities, immense wilderness, and earnest, hospitable people. The iconic city is Sydney! Sydney is a city that combines a deep past with a contemporary bustle, yet with a decidedly Australian attitude.

1. SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium

  • Explore the unique zones of SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium, including Day and Night on the Reef.
  • Visit 14 themed zones that are home to over 700 different species and meet two of the world’s only six dugongs.
  • Book your package from RM119.65

2. SkyFeast at Sydney Tower

  • Make your own way to Sydney Tower Restaurant at any time of day or night for an unique dining experience atop the city’s highest structure.
  • Enjoyed the restaurant’s great view and seafood.
  • Book your buffet from RM218.15

3. Sydney Tower Eye

  • Feel like a VIP by skipping the ticket counter lines with rapid mobile ticket entry and receiving a free 4D movie experience.
  • If you dare, try the Skywalk or the new Infinity revolving restaurant, both of which are available to book through Klook.
  • Book your experience from RM77.25

4. Sydney Harbour Jet Boat Adventure

  • Prepare for a crazy wave-hopping adventure on the powerful Thunder Jet.
  • On this one-of-a-kind adventure, scream at the top of your lungs and enjoy a day full with excitement.
  • Book your ride from RM152.65

5. Madame Tussauds

  • Spend the day with your favourite celebrities – from singers to actors to superheroes – by transporting yourself!
  • Book on Klook to get the best deal and receive unlimited digital images for FREE.
  • Book your entry from RM114.65

6. Taronga Zoo

  • Taronga Zoo is home to nearly 5,000 animals from 350 different species and features a Sky Safari cable vehicle that transports visitors far above the zoo.
  • The zoo grounds, providing bird’s-eye views of Sydney Harbour and the zoo’s many residents.
  • Book your experience at RM152.65

7. Haunted Sydney Ghost Tour

  • Explore slums teeming with mass graves, secret grog haunts, opium dens, and scary spirits.
  • Take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to participate in a supernatural adventure you will never face in everyday life.
  • Book your haunted experience at RM112.15


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