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Innisfree is releasing their new Volcanic Calming Mask + Peeling Mask with a gift for all Innisfree members! This mild peeling mask will remove excess sebum and cleanse pores while giving you a smooth and hydrated complexion. Ingredients include Jeju volcanic clusters which provide perfect absorption capabilities for any sebum and dirt. Furthermore, this mask has AHA/PHA, madecassoside + carbonated water to exfoliate while retaining important moisture on your skin. 

Members of innisfree will have to reserve their free samples through the stores mobile app or website. The more members who reserve the free samples, the more rewards unlocked! Currently at 2783 reservations, members will get the 3pcs trial kit and an additional 10% off the new Volcanic Calming Mask. At 3000 reservations, members will unlock 3pcs trial kit and an additional 20% off the new Volcanic Calming Mask. This product launches in July, but do not forget to get your free 3 pcs trial kit sample here! Reservation ends on 30th June 2021.


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