CNY SOP Malaysia 2022!

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National Unity Minister Datuk Halimah announced that the government will allow lion and dragon dances during the upcoming Chinese New Year (CNY), but must strictly abide by the standard operating procedures (SOP) for epidemic prevention.

In addition, the government is not allowed to hold open doors, but if a New Year’s banquet is to be held, it is only by invitation. Then, it cannot be open to those who have not been invited to attend, nor is it allowed to hold a running water banquet, that is, it is just a banquet event, and banquets cannot be held continuously.

This year’s 2022 CNY SOP also has no restrictions on the New Year’s Eve reunion dinner, allowing family members to enjoy the reunion dinner with no limit on the number of people; believers can also worship on religious occasions.

As for the first and second days of the new year (Chor Yat and Chor Ee), the government also allows family reunions and prayers on religious occasions.

As for praying to the god of heaven on the eighth day of the new year, you can also pray to the god of heaven with your family within your home.

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