Father’s Day Dessini Cookset Giveaway

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From 1st of June through 7th of June, JRSharing conducted an Father’s Day Dessini Cook Set themed Giveaway on the Facebook Page and Instagram.

Dessini Cookset
Dessini Cookset on Shopee

Instructions below is the requirement to Stand a chances to.

“Follow these Steps to join🥳
✅Like & Follow : Like and follow JRSharing Fb(https://www.facebook.com/JRSharingCom) & IG Page(@jrsharing).
✅Add to cart: Click the link, add _Dessini Italy Cookware Set_ (https://invol.co/clb0cic) into the cart and screenshot.
✅Solve the maths question: Calculate the answer of this question
✅Comment & Tag: Comment the answer and tag 3 friends with the screenshot photo.
✅Share: Share this post to your Facebook or Instagram Story.”
Dessini Cookset
Dessini Cookset on Shopee

This campaign had a positive reaction, more than 500 likes, more than 600 comments, and more than 500 shares across the two platforms.

Finally, We’d want to express our gratitude to all of the participants for their involvement and support towards us. The Dessini Cookset goes to: @Jeremy Tan, congratulations!

Please contact us within three days to get your prize; otherwise, the prize will be redrawn. Last but not least, we’re looking for y’all forward to the campaign next month!


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