Tik tok funny character Mask

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Now you must wear a mask😷 when you go out, not only to protect yourself💪, but also to abide by the country’s rules set by the epidemic❗😁

As the number of people receiving the second dose of the vaccine is about to reach 90%, the country has begun to gradually relax it to those people😏. In other words, everyone can join the party❗❗ But you still have to wear a mask😉 when you go to the party.


BUT😚 have you ever thought about trying this funny mask👀 that can enliven the atmosphere of the scene❓ [Tik Tok funny character mask] is a high imitation mask customized to imitate movie comedy characters😎😍

The style currently has

😂Sausage Mouth

😂 Ru Hua

😂 Charter woman

😂 Jack Ma

😂 Yao Ming


Of course you can also choose to send randomly💯💯


👉ORDER NOW IN SHOPEE: https://invol.co/cl6ct80

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