Vegatable cost higher than meat now!

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Below is the article ragarding #inflation  of Malaysia!Malaysia is now facing cargo inflation!

Everything starts at a very ridiculous price

, which also includes meat, daily necessities, vegetables and so on. Vegetables like Brocolli are sold at RM20 for 1kg! The increase is close to 200%, which is more exaggerated than currency and bullion investment!

So our post is to tell you how to save money on buying vegetables and grow vegetables at home! Maybe this is a very ridiculous thing, but Shopee does sell many vegetable seeds, nearly 50 kinds of vegetable seeds, etc. You plant it yourself! To

Each seeds only RM2 and you can grow delicious and fresh vegetables at home. You may not only provide them for your own home, but also sell them in pasar to earn a fortune!

  • Kailan 芥兰
  • Bayam Hijau 苋菜
  • Kangkung 蕹菜
  • Sawi Hijau 芥菜
  • Broccoli 西兰花
  • Kucai 韭菜
  • Carrot 萝卜
  • Tomato Besar 番茄
  • Daun Sup 西洋菜
  • Kacang Buncis 四季豆
  • Terung Panjang Purple 茄子
  • Daun Bawang 葱
  • Pak Choy Mini 小白菜
  • Kacang Bendi 羊角豆

✅ Shopee buy seeds and grow vegetables:

✅ Shopee buy seeds and grow vegetables:

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