Badminton player Lee Zii Jia quit bam!

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Malaysian badminton shocking news:

Badminton Malaysia confirmed that Lee Zii Jia submitted his resignation letter. Unsurprisingly, if there is wind, there will naturally be results. I hope he can continue to flourish as a free man identity! It must be true, what do he choose? future? reputation? In the end, Zii Jia chose the option of money.

Frankly speaking, in addition to making money himself, at the same time, as Zii Jia agent, his sister believed that he could also make a lot of money, so Zii Jia finally chose the option of money for the sake of his family.

He will be free people at that time, and they will not pay you (critics people) half of the tax in the future 🤭LZJ has hands and feet, and he is free to go wherever he wants! As long as Malaysian players play, I support both ,whether its represent as the national team or the free man!

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